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Hip Hop dance is a type of street dance that originated in the 1970s in the Bronx, New York. It is primarily broken into breakdancing and party dance with the culture and social origins deeply associated with the African community.

Urban Dance revolves around choreographed dance and performances. It derives its inspiration from various dance foundations and ultimately based on the choreographer / dancers interpretation of music.

Girl Style dance is a more feminine interpretive version incorporating various movements in the genre of Hip-Hop, Jazz & Reggae. The interpretation of this style varies depending on who you ask.

Contemporary dance developed during the mid-twentieth century and inspired from modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It is one of the most popular styles taught to formally trained dancers.
Korean pop dance (Also known as Kpop) originated from kpop music choreography. Kpop dance is influenced by numerous cultures and styles as an increasing popularity of hiring foreign talent.
Afro dance is an upbeat common dance originate from Africa. The African tribes used dance to communicate emotions, celebrate rite of passage, and helped tighten the bond of the tribe.

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Popular Dance studios in Sydney

Crossover Dance Studio - Sydney CBD

Located right in the heart of Sydney CBD, and less than 10 minutes walk from Town Hall train station. Crossover is known to have a vibrant dance community practice spot and high-quality street dance teachers. Discover more about Crossover studio.

Sydney Dance Company - Ultimo

Temporarily located in Ultimo whilst their original studio gets a makeover. Sydney Dance Company is a 13 minute walk from Central Train Station. Sydney Dance Company offers over over 65 classes every week, there is a style for everyone to try. Discover more about SDC’s facilities.

IMI Dance Studio - Lidcombe

IMI Dance Studio is located a 7 minute walk from Lidcombe Train Station. It is known for its high-quality dance class video production, street dance styles and kpop cover classes. Discover more about IMI as one of the fastest growing studios in popularity in Sydney.

DUTI Dance Studio - Newtown

Located in Newtown, Sydney and a 5 minute walk from Newtown train station. Duti Studio features 2 high ceiling studio spaces, full length portable mirrors, with a focus on fusion contemporary and urban dance styles. Find out more about Dance Under The Influence.

Brent Street Performing Arts - Moore Park

This performing arts studio is about a half hour travel time from Central train Station. Brent Street boasts some of Sydney’s best dance teachers to help those wanting to be challenged physically and mentally from traditional dance styles through to modern choreography. Discover more.

C+ Dance Studio - Surry Hills

C+ (C Plus), known as one of the biggest Chinese dance studio’s in Sydney Surry Hills, is located less than 5 minutes walk from Central train station. C+ dance studio has been growing in popularity, with a core focus on Kpop, Jazz and urban choreography. Discover more about C+ Dance Studio and how it is different to other dance spaces around Sydney.

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