Crossover Dance Studio

Streetdance styles


Close To Public Transport

Less than 10 minutes from Town Hall Train Station

Jam At The Studio

Feel free to practice at the studio with others and socialise

Beginner Friendly

Great to practice your foundations and learn how to start to dance!

About CrossOver Dance Studio

Located right in the heart of Sydney CBD, and less than 10 minutes walk from Town Hall Train Station. Crossover Studio is known to have a vibrant dance community practice spot and high quality street dance teachers. There are usually more than 70 different classes crossing over 15 different types of dance styles on a weekly basis.

Crossover has 3 large studio rooms with sprung wood safety floors with an experienced teaching faculty that have trained internationally and locally in Sydney through battles, performances, and classes.The studio has one goal in mind and that is to make sure that dance is fun and inclusive of everyone.

Dance Teachers at Crossover Dance Studio

Andrew 'Beef' Lais

Born and raised in Sydney, Beef started dancing with his peers in high school. He began more formal training in 2009 with D2MG at UNSW, and since, has taken as many opportunities as he could to learn and perform, training in various street styles including hip-hop, house, locking, and more. 

Over the years Beef has directed and competed with several teams and crews, competing both nationally and internationally. Beef has been teaching locally since 2011, and has had the opportunity to teach workshops in Melbourne, Singapore and Indonesia. 

As a dancer, Beef has had the privilege to work with local and international choreographers including Lauren Blomdahl, Alvin De Castro, Trevor Santos, Alan Truong and Lyle Beniga. 

Valdi Yudibrata

Valdi has been dancing since 2011, starting with Krump and Jerkin, which he then progressed to Urban choreography in 2012. In the more recent years, he has been training in Popping and Freestyle. He has learnt from multiple dancers within Australia, as well as internationally recognised instructors.

Valdi has entered multiple competitions and battles over the years both locally and internationally to develop his creativity and skills. He has entered and achieved: 

– Funk You Up 2018 & 2019 Runner Up
– Popping Nation 2018 MVP
– Synergy 2018 2 v 2 Runner up
– Arena Singapore

if you take his class make sure you say his favourite catch phrase to hype the class up “let’s grow!”


Crossover is primarily a drop-in studio, so you can turn up on the day of class and join. However some classes can get very popular, so it is recommended you book ahead of time to avoid any disappointment. 

There are student discounts available. You can contact us for more details via

Beginner classes usually go for 60 minutes and advanced classes going for 1 hour and 15 minutes

Crossover has change rooms, toilets but no shower facilities.

You can stay and practice at Crossover studios during business hours in the community area outside the studio rooms indoors. There is normally a breakdance cypher circle and also other jamming around the reception area.

Best way to get there would be catching a train to Town Hall Station. It is about a 8 minute walk from the station.

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