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What is K-pop Dance?

K-pop (cover) dance refers to the dance that follows the choreography performed by K-pop Artists. Whilst K-pop choreography are mainly inspired by the styles of Hip Hop, Jazz, and Urban Dance, they are also widely known for their mixture of iconic poses and simple yet catchy fast-beat movements, allowing for it to be easily followed by the general public.



Setting back from the 1990s, K-pop (Korean Popular Music) has been shaped by a wide variety of music styles and genres – a combination of R&B, electronic, hip-hop and rock genres combined with Korean and Western music cultures. 

Over the past decade, the synchronised perfection of the songs and dances performed by K-pop artists has led to explosive growth in popularity of the K-pop culture worldwide. 

Many Korean Artists have traveled across the world in both Asian and Western countries to perform for and connect with their global fans. Today, many global fans show their appreciation of the K-pop music culture by uploading both singing and dancing covers of K-pop songs on the Internet. 

These days many famous international choreographers are responsible for the choreography of biggest names in K-Pop which shows a subtle influence in how K-pop Dance have changed over time.

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The K-pop Dance Community In Sydney

In light of the rising prominence of the K-pop Culture across the world, in no doubt, the K-pop Scene in Sydney is also growing exponentially. 

Many dance studios across Sydney offer K-pop Dance Classes that follow the choreographies of various famous K-pop Artists such as BTS, Blackpink & TWICE. 

There has also been an increasing number of K-pop related events and concerts in Sydney year after year, which have provided countless opportunities for K-pop Cover Dance Groups in Sydney to perform on stage and become well-recognised in the Sydney Dance Community. 

A vast majority of these K-pop Cover Dance Groups have been founded through the connections formed within the dance studios and university societies in Sydney.

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Tips To Taking Your First kpop Class

Dress Comfortably

There’s no particular dressing attire in Kpop. You can literally wear anything. From formal attire to revealing clothing, Kpop Artists often dress according to the image that is suited for their Kpop performance. So when it comes to a Kpop dance class, it doesn’t really matter what clothing you wear since you won’t know what kind of dance you’ll be learning. If you want to feel comfortable, then dressing comfortable is fine. If you want to feel like dressing nicely, then dressing nicely is fine too.

What To Expect

Beginner Kpop classes and advanced classes all try and teach Kpop covers, but the difference between the beginners and advanced is how much of the selected Kpop cover gets taught. With beginner classes, teachers teach less counts of the choreography and helps students focus on the execution. Kpop Dance doesn’t follow a particular type of dance genre but rather, it’s a mix of different styles. In one Kpop choreography piece you may be learning movements from many different styles of dance! One thing Kpop Dances all have in common is that all the movements look very neat, clean and perfect. Lines, angles and facial expressions are the key to executing Kpop dances well, so if you want to learn how to do this well - expect that you can probably take this out from your next Kpop class.

Talk To Others Taking The Same Class

One of the best things about taking Kpop dance classes is the social aspect of dance. Arrive about 10-15 minutes early to settle in and introduce yourself to someone also taking the same class as you. During the class, keep the talking to a minimum, so as to not distract the teacher and other students wanting to learn. Some teachers like to stay back after class to talk to students, see if this is the case for the Kpop classes you take.

Popular Kpop Dance Studios in Sydney!

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