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What is Urban Dance?

Contrary to what is typically believed, Urban Dance is not a dance genre, but rather, a choreography dance style that is an interpretation of one’s unique flavor and soul to music. Whilst historically inspired by the Hip Hop genre, Urban Dance is as an act that allows individuals to emotionally express their own creativity using inspiration from multiple dance genres to explain a concept, story or vision. 

As Urban Dance does not follow any specific dance style, the movements often involve a lot of dynamic textures that can hit any beat or flow with any lyrical element in the music.

The History of Urban dance

Arnel Calvario -

Urban Dance traces back to South California in 1992, when a man named Arnel Calvario and his friends combined elements in old school and new school hip hop to create a choreography piece for a club performance. 

Driven by his vision to find meaning, purpose and enjoyment in dance, Calvario started a dance studio that inspired many dancers to form dance teams to compete in competitions, eventually creating a bigger Urban Dance scene in America. 

The rise in social media platforms in the 2000s allowed Urban Dance to further evolve and become well-recognised dance style across the globe. Today, International workshops for Urban Dance play a major role in connecting many dancers around the world (particularly in America, Japan and Korea).

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Urban Dance in Sydney

Urban dance in Sydney is still a very young community. Due to Urban dance being derived from other genres of dance, you will find a lot of urban dancers in the Sydney community bond with multiple dance communities, which makes it difficult to pin point whether one identifies as an urban dancer. However, early signs of the community is seen in various pockets of Sydney such as the forming of a relatively new collegiate dance team ‘Urban Dance Crew’ at UNSW, as well as other student dance societies in other universities which hosts multiple dance styles including Urban Dance such as Macquarie Dance Academy (MDA).

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Tips To Taking Your First Urban Dance Class

Dress Comfortably

The general class attire trends towards sweatpants, tee shirt and athletic sneakers or any other shoes you are comfortable using for fitness. There's no need to go out of your way to buy shoes or clothing attire that is specifically made for dance. Feel free to bring a sweater warming up and wearing shorts is acceptable too. Depending on your Urban dance teachers' style and routine taught on the day, pants can be recommended for ground moves and floorwork.

What To Expect

Beginner urban dance classes, typically focuses on hip hop foundation moves and grooves. The types of foundation drills varies according to the dance instructor and is usually also included in the class routine to help you practice and establish your basics. General class format for a standard 60 minute Urban dance class involves warming up with drills (10 minutes), learning a dance choreography (40 minutes), and breaking up into smaller groups to perform (10 minutes) and usually the dance instructor will also perform a solo of the routine to finish off the class. There is no pressure for you to perform if you don't want to, ultimately having fun is the most important part of the whole experience.

Talk To Others Taking The Same Class

One of the best things about taking dance classes is the social aspect of dance. Arrive about 10-15 minutes early to settle in and introduce yourself to someone also taking the same class as you. During the class, keep the talking to a minimum, so as to not distract the teacher and other students wanting to learn. Some teachers like to stay back after class to talk to students, see if this is the case for the class you take.

Popular Urban Dance Studios in Sydney

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